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Quad 3-Pack (4 USB Ports)


Quad – 4 USB Ports (2 USB-A + 2 USB-C)

Currently shipping in Dec 2019 – Jan 2020.

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3-Pack of Quad – 4 USB Ports (2 USB-A + 2 USB-C)


  • World’s first all-in-one in-wall USB chargers
  • 4 USB Ports: 2 x USB-A and 2 x USB-C ports
  • Fits any standard North American, Mexican, Japanese and Caribbean electrical outlet
  • Installs in seconds without any wiring, only a screwdriver
  • Retains use of both wall outlets
  • Compatible with all mobile devices
  • Autonomous safety features
  • Safety tested and certified in USA and Canada
  • Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA and Canada
  • High power (up to 18 Watts) means very fast charging for compatible phones, tablets, laptops


  • Core features
  • Very high power (up to 6A or 30 Watts) means fastest charging for compatible phones, tablets, laptops
  • Wifi connectivity


  • Plus features
  • Wifi + IoT +Bluetooth connectivity for over the air control and updates
  • Onboard programmable microcontroller


  • LED lights
  • Variety of configurations and finishes (min. quantity may be required)



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